Why Mobile 4G Internet May Be the Perfect Alternative to Satellite Internet

When residents of rural America think of hi-tech alternative rural Internet service providers, their minds usually fixate on options such as companies that provide satellite Internet for rural areas. Although these Internet providers use impressive technology and have a wider reach than any other option, they also have some significant weaknesses that may dissuade some rural citizens from committing to their services.

One of the biggest cons of satellite Internet services is the high latency inherent to their methods for providing Internet signals. All satellite Internet customers receive signals that come from satellites orbiting in outer space. Distance is a crucial factor that affects the levels of latency when you access the Internet. In contrast, mobile 4G Internet providers such as UbiFi provide Internet access using the 4G cell towers that are plentiful even in rural America.

For this reason, mobile 4G Internet from a company such as UbiFi may be ideal for rural residents who often participate in activities that are negatively affected by high levels of latency. These activities include online multiplayer games, Zoom meetings for work, and video chats with friends and loved ones. Latency can lead to lag, rubberbanding, and other irritating phenomena during these activities.

Organizations like UbiFi may also provide unlimited 4G rural Internet at more agreeable rates. Many satellite Internet providers enforce data caps and charge expensive overage fees if you use too much data. In contrast, UbiFi allows rural residents to use as much data as they want without eating a hole in their pockets. If you are in an area adequately covered by a cell tower, be sure to look into a 4G mobile Internet provider to serve your needs.