Three Reasons Why You Should Choose Mobile Internet Over Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet companies are routinely considered some of the best rural Internet service providers in highly remote areas of the country. They are popular for their high speed, high performance, and impressively far reach. However, they may not be the best choice for every rural resident’s needs. There are several reasons why you might want to sign up for unlimited 4G rural Internet from a mobile Internet provider such as UbiFi. Here are the three most important ones.

Lower Latency

If you’re looking for the best Internet for rural gaming, satellite Internet is probably not your answer. Satellite Internet suffers from high latency because of the distance Internet signals have to travel as they go from satellites in outer space to rural homes in America. Since mobile Internet uses cell towers instead, they carry much less latency because they do not have to travel as far.

No Data Caps

While many satellite Internet providers use data caps and charge expensive overage fees, mobile Internet providers like UbiFi allow customers to use data with no restrictions. This makes 4G mobile Internet ideal for rural residents who plan to use large amounts of data, allowing them to save money on bothersome overage fees.

Better Resistance to Obstructions

Satellite Internet is notorious for failing to work when it is obstructed by trees, buildings, and undesirable weather conditions. There is a reason why 4G Internet is often used as an Internet failover when satellite Internet is experiencing obstructions. Mobile Internet providers such as UbiFi can be the more reliable option in situations such as these. You may want to try 4G Internet if you live in an area where heavy wind, rain, or snow is prominent.