The Benefits of Remote Work

Remote work has been a hot topic in the business world due to its increased popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many companies have made remote work a part of their plans for the future beyond the pandemic, and many employees have prioritized remote work when looking for jobs. While some companies have been reluctant to implement remote work because of its unsupervised nature, the practice of allowing employees to work from home comes with a set of significant benefits.

Lucy Lyle, entrepreneur and -founder of Perch, commented, “Convenience isn’t the only thing remote work has to offer. As long as remote employees know how to budget their time and stay disciplined while working at home, remote work can be an opportunity to enrich their lives and increase their productivity.” Lucy Lyle continued, “Remote work can give you more time to spend with your family, more time to exercise, or more time to invest in a hobby. All of these things can reduce your stress and increase your morale, boosting your productivity in turn.”

Remote work can also benefit employees by eliminating distractions inherent to working in an office. Socialization is an inescapable part of working in a group environment, but chatting with coworkers can disrupt the flow of work and lead to less time on the job. Most of the time, remote employees will not have to attend work meetings either, giving them more time to work on their tasks.

Lucy Lyle added, “You can become remarkably efficient when working from home. As long as you set a consistent work schedule and eliminate distractions, you can get even more done in less time while working remotely. And this isn’t just hypothetical — data has shown that many employees are faster and more efficient when they work from home.”