What Kinds of Sound Proofing Foam are Available?

Sound proofing foam is available in sheets or pieces depending on what you need for your space. If you’re sound proofing your media room, then look around to see the best areas to work on. A wall shared with a noisy space like the kitchen can be a good place to start. Builders are not careful about making sure walls and insulation are super tough. Sounds can easily be heard from one room to the next.

If you have a big screen TV, you may be disturbed when watching your favorite sporting events. People today pay lots of money for wide screen television but they don’t spend enough on sound and sound proofing. Another area of concern is a rec room or man cave. If you get a bunch of noisy teenagers together in the rec room, they can create so much noise. This is true for a group of men as well, who are watching their favorite sporting event.

Try sound proofing to create a better experience and protect other areas from noise pollution. Sound proofing foam is available in many types including acoustic wave, acoustic grid, acoustic wedge and a few others. If you design a nice grid of various types of foam, you might like the way that looks. In soundproof studios, they do this and often use professionals to accomplish a specific goal for the room. But you can do this yourself by watching a few videos. Get the right type of foam and measure the area properly. Don’t forget the spray adhesive, which can be purchased at The Foam Factory.