How to respond to an online review

Bad reviews are part and parcel of modern businesses. Although bad reviews are disheartening, they can be an opportunity for the business to improve its offerings and compete against its competition.

The following strategies will help businesses handle negative reviews in a professional manner.

Stay calm – Avoid responding to a bad review as soon as it is read. Not only will the response be hasty, but you may be unaware of all the facts. Instead, reread the review and speak to the relevant department or manager for clarification.

Reply to the review – Personally replying to a negative review by letting the customer know that the matter is being investigated, will stop the customer from posting on multiple sites for the time being.

Is the review genuine – Look at the review and consider the reviewer’s history to understand if the review is genuine. If the reviewer’s comments are valid, addressing the issue fast is key to satisfying the customer and eventually revising or deleting the review.

Avoid apologizing immediately – Avoid apologizing until all facts are clear and once possible compensation options are identified.

Respond always – If a review is positive, negative, or neutral, responding and thanking the customer for reviewing the business can open communication channels.

Calling can help – Calling a customer can show them that their problem is important and that the company is trying to resolve the matter. If a customer refuses to offer a contact number or avoids your call, mention this in your reply.

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