How to prevent bad online reviews

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As consumers become more perceptive, reading product reviews has become an easy and effective way to assess a company before making a purchasing decision. Although it is encouraging to receive positive reviews, a single negative review can deter customers and lower product ratings.

Here are some simple tactics that can help you prevent bad online reviews.

Handling complaints professionally – Fostering a culture that pays attention to customer complaints can help to address customer concerns professionally and promptly. A customer-oriented culture will require hiring or training staff to handle disgruntled customers with care.

Customer feedback – Customers feel important when they feel that their opinions are heard. To encourage customer feedback request for it after every purchase. This can be done in-store or by email as soon as a purchase is complete. Private online customer review websites such as, TripAdvisor, and Yelp have also become popular as they help customers and companies to improve their communication channels. Such sites offer notifications as soon as a customer review is posted, providing companies with faster response times.

Follow up – Once a complaint is made, customer service personnel should follow up on a complaint until the issue is resolved. Delaying can make an unhappy customer anxious and cause them to complain using multiple channels. Customers reading reviews also assess how long it takes for companies to respond to a review, as prompt replies indicate that the company takes its reviews seriously.

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