Zhu Zhu Pets are still hot

Zhu Zhu pets which was last Christmas’ hottest selling item and was sold out everywhere, is still hot after one year. Last year they were selling for four to five times their retail price on auction sites such as Ebay and all retailers could not keep them on the shelf for more than an hours when they received them.

The company behind Zhu Zhu pets has since come up with many new models in various colors and features. They all even have unique names.  They have also come up with many accessories, such as baby Zhu Zhu Pets. Even there is a Nintendo DS game for it now.

A new website called Buy Zhu Zhu Hamester Pets sells the Zhu Zhu pets and all their accessories. They also have many user reviews. Zhu Zhu pets are great toys for kids under age of 10 and even adults. My son has 2 of them, one was purchased by myself and one was a gift. He loves playing with them in the kitchen floor as the rest of our house has tick carpet, which is not really good for them to move around.

If you have to do shopping for any kids this Christmas then look no further than a 1 or 2 Zhu Zhu pets.