Top Ten Time Management Tips

Article by  Herb Kimble .

Practicing Time Management Keeps You from Over Committing and Procrastinating

The top 10 time management tips are quite simple and can help reduce the daily stress you may be feeling. Practicing time management keeps you from over committing and procrastinating too.

Learning to manage our time is an important way to reduce stress in our lives. Practice these ten time management tips to gain control over your time and reduce stress.

Time Management Tip Number one: Set Priorities

Priorities–we’ve all got them. Divide yours into three groups: essential, important and trivial. Do the first two and ignore the third.

Time Management Tip Number Two: Schedule Tasks Based on Peak Efficiency

I’m a night owl so this means doing my most demanding tasks in the evening, when I’m more productive and performing better. Schedule your most important tasks for your peak time, if at all possible. Relegate the other, less important, items on your list for less peak times, if you can.

Time Management Tip Number Three: Be Realistic in Goals and Write Them Down

One way to shoot your stress level into the stratosphere is to make a goal that is just unattainable. Don’t do that to yourself. Make realistic goals and write them down. As you reach those you might be able to amp those goals up a bit, but don’t shoot for the moon out of the starting gate.

Time Management Tip Number Four: Allot Enough Time to Reach Your Goal

Rome really wasn’t built in a day. Buffer in enough time to allow you to achieve your goal, without the added pressure of trying to do it in under a minute. Tacking on another 25 percent of time more than your first calculation ought to do it. You’ll feel great about yourself when you achieve it in less than that.

Time Management Tip Number Five: Think Short Term

We all need to have long term goals but in time management we need to think short term. If you have a project that is going to take ten hours to accomplish, but you have 30 minutes free today and another four hours tomorrow, then use them. Who says you have to do it all at once?

Time Management Tip Number Six: Visualize, Visualize, Visualize

Picture what is going to be your hoped for result when you have met your goal. And keep picturing it. Then picture each step–and you doing it–to reach that goal. The more you see yourself ‘walking that walk’ the more likely you will.

Time Management Tip Number Seven: Analyze Tasks You Put Off

Procrastination is a time waster and an energy draining activity. But you don’t have to get sucked into it. The next time you start to procrastinate about a task ask yourself why. Then, if possible, do that task in an environment that you really enjoy or surrounded by people you like or music you prefer. And reward yourself with something after each segment of that goal.

Time Management Tip Number Eight: Consolidate and Delegate

Consolidate any tasks you can; it really is better to kill two birds with one stone. If you need to talk to a neighbor and exercise, walk to their house or ride your bike over; don’t phone. And delegate tasks that don’t absolutely have to be done by you. Focus your time for tasks that only you can perform, first, if possible, and then go on to other tasks.

Time Management Tip Number Nine: Learn to Say the ‘No’ Word

Tactfully say ‘no’ to any unreasonable demands or demands you cannot meet. And don’t apologize for unreasonable demands or feel guilty about them; you shouldn’t, and it wastes energy.

Time Management Tip Number Ten: Play as Hard as You Work

If you don’t build in time to play and recuperate from your hard labor you won’t be able to keep going or smile as you do. So play hard. You’ve earned the fun time, I’m sure.

This article was written by  Herb Kimble.  Herb Kimble is an entrepreneur who has ran multiples companies, including sales & marketing companies. Most recently he has launched Urban Flix, a streaming network that specializes in multi-cultural content and CineFocus Productions, a film production company.