Properly Outfit Your Mancave

For some men, their mancave is the last bastion harkening to their younger lives. Once all-nighters and tailgates are no longer a multiple-times-a-week event, the chances of band posters and neon beer signs fitting into your lifestyle significantly decreases. A mancave provides an opportunity to relax and unwind in the way guys once used to, supplying the solution for those who need a little time to themselves.

The cornerstone of many mancaves is the basement bar, with beverages chilling in the fridge and a cabinet stocked with your favorite spirits.  And to share a drink with your buddies, you need a place to sit, so many guys turn to barstools in their cave for a genuine corner pub feel. For long-time mancave owners who have had their basement bars for a while, that seating may have worn out. If that’s the situation you find yourself in, replacement stool cushions, fabric, or a complete chair replacement can be ordered from upholsterers or furniture stores.

Entertainment is the other major part of the equation when piecing together a proper mancave, with the centerpiece being the largest TV or projector that can be fit into the room. To complement these AV systems, luxurious recliners or plush couches with bench ottoman cushions provide perfect seating, helping you watch football all weekend, or relax with a movie.

Game and activity areas are also popular choices, when room is available. You can maintain the bar look and add pool tables and darts. Poker and card tables are another fun way to have buddies over for weekly games, and air hockey, bubble hockey, foosball, and ping pong are classic games as well. Personal gyms can even be included in a mancave, helping you keep from slipping into hibernation.

To get away every once in a while, a guy needs his own sanctuary, and outfitting a mancave just the way he likes is the perfect way to go about it.