Need more USB serial ports?

usb-portsThe truth with serial ports is that most computers these days only have one or two or none at all, and for most folks who need to hook their communication devices such as PDAs, modems, digital cameras and so on and so forth end up having to resort to other methods such as USB serial cables.

Of course, with this cable, one can get anywhere from two to sixteen serial ports using the several USB ports that are plentifully available on any computer. That’s the beauty of using these USB cables!Another aspect of this is that when one wishes to uses this technology is that they must be able to distinguish whether the particular USB port they wish to use to convert into a serial port is a USB RS232 port of USB R422. The way they can do that is to determine whether the PC is used for personal or industrial purposes, which should be a breeze for most computer users. What makes this even better is that these cables aren’t expensive to purchase at all.

At another level altogether, another useful device that can be connected one’s PC is a video splitter that can split video or stills and display them on several monitors. This is most useful at tradeshows and several other places where one has to present information, and needs to use several visual display units.