How the Wrong Type of Foam Cushion Filling Can Affect Your Body

Article provided by The Foam Factory

Pain and discomfort serve a very important purpose in the human body. These unpleasant feelings tell you that something is wrong and your external conditions need to change. Without pain, you would risk further damaging your body and overall health. While pain can be associated with positive activities such as strenuous exercise, people should avoid it most of the time due to the stress it causes and the physical injuries associated with painful activities.

If you use foam cushions for your couch, sofa, or recliner, you should feel a good mix of comfort and support when you sit down. Good foam cushions are designed to promote good posture and prevent unhealthy curvatures of the spine. If you feel discomfort or aches, it is a sign your cushions are not adequate for your needs. In most cases, this means there may be unhealthy pressure on your tailbone or lower back. This pressure may be caused by uneven support, which is a result of your cushions becoming misshapen from years of wear and tear. It might also be a sign that you have chosen the wrong type of foam filling for your cushion.

When it comes to seat cushions, homeowners should be aware that there are different types of foam filling available for use in their cushions. If you have a smaller body, you may find firmer cushions hard and uncomfortable. For this reason, a softer type of cushion may serve your needs better. In contrast, people with larger bodies may find themselves sinking uncomfortably into softer foam filling types.

At retailers such as The Foam Factory, you can order a custom foam seat tailored to your specific needs. You can specify the shape, measurements, and type of foam used in your cushions. You can choose from multiple types of foam with varying levels of firmness and density. Creating the perfect cushion is often a balancing act, which requires you to prioritize which cushion traits you value most. Choose from foam types that specialize in softness, firmness, or durability. Your back and lower body will thank you for creating a foam seat ideal for all your needs.