Working in the USA and US Citizenship

Generally speaking, the process of establishing residence in the United States is highly variable and depends greatly on the individual’s situation unique factors to that person. However, some basic principles and rules can be established with regards to US citizenship; such as green card holders and nearly all other permanent residents acquiring citizenship after 5 years of living in the United States. While they are practically citizens, there are many conditions that would not apply to previously naturalized Americans or those who were born in the United States.  With a particularly high amount of people seeking US citizenship UK, these rules are often easily to follow and comply with.

In most cases, simply working in the USA is the first step towards citizenship. If this work is a permanent job with high levels of stability, the process of applying for permanent citizenship becomes much easier.  If one attempts to acquire a B-1 visa, they are allowed to work in the US for 6 months for business purposes only. With a B-2 visa, no money can be earned legally via working and it serves only as a gateway for tourism; not economic growth.  Another visa that is quite common is the L1 visas UK, which allows international companies or corporations to transfer managers, executives, and other personnel that have specialized skills across national borders. This way, business productivity is not inhibited and temporary services that are needed but not required over the long term can be given with great ease.