What Will Happen If You Get Pulled Over For A DUI

We have all had a drink at dinner with friends, or a cocktail at happy hour with coworkers. Sometimes we may have one too many, and other times just one relaxing drink. If you decide to get into your car to drive home, you can find yourself in trouble. Even if you have only had one drink, you can still be pulled over for a DUI. There can be many determining factors to being proven guilty. If you are a smaller person, or have not eaten any dinner, one drink can send you to the station in a police car.

If you are pulled over on suspicion of a DUI, you will first be asked to take a sobriety test. Most likely, this will involve a breathalyzer test. The police will ask you to comply, but you can refuse. Just know that you can get into a lot more trouble by refusing. If you take the test and are over the alcohol limits for your state, or if you decide to not take it, you will be taken by police to the police station and booked overnight, or until someone can come and get you.

If you have never been in trouble before this can be a very scary experience. You will most likely have to wait at the station for hours and have your vehicle impounded. After your arrest, you will be notified that your driver’s license has been suspended, and you will be given a court date. DUI convictions are not court cases that involve jury’s. It is possible to ask for a jury trial but either way, the judge will be the one who decides on your fate. This legal process will run much smoother for you if you can hire a professional attorney. If you are pulled over in Newport Beach, a DUI lawyer in Newport Beach or a DUI lawyer in Orange County can be called for help.

With professional help from a Santa Ana DUI attorney or an DUI attorney in Irvine, you may be able to work out some of the hardships you are about to face. Aside from the suspension of your license and being unable to drive, you will face a number of large fines. You will also be expected to attended classes on drunk driving and sometimes asked to attend drug and alcohol treatment programs. Many people convicted of DUI’s also must perform a number of hours of community service. Occasionally you may be forbidden from entering any type of bar or tavern. Get the best professional help possible so that you can work out a deal with your conviction.

Even if you have only had one drink, you should think twice about getting into your car. Getting a DUI can really have a huge negative impact on your life. Not only will you lose your ability to drive but also you will have to shell out a ton of money. Most importantly, you could possibly injure someone else.

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