Tips to Shoot Landscape Photos

By Phin Upham

Landscape photos are one of the most beautiful methods of photography. They capture depth, portray color in stunning realism, and provide a vibrant glimpse into the places you’ve been. If you’re good, it can lead to a career, but most people just like to shoot for their own enjoyment. Regardless of where you are in the spectrum, these tips will help you shoot better landscape photos.

Shoot in RAW and JPEG

JPEG is the standard format, but RAW gives you a lot more data to work with. If you plan to do some post processing, RAW is an absolute must. You’ll notice the difference most when you try to manipulate colors in your photograph.

Set ISO to 100 or 200

If you shoot with a high ISO, your picture will appear brighter at the cost of adding noise to the photograph. Reduce that ISO to its lowest setting and let the aperture and exposure time do all the heavy lifting for you.


Speaking of the aperture, set it to f/16 and try to switch the mode to Av. This mode gives priority to the aperture and automates the shot. A small aperture will improve the clarity of the photo, and f/16 is a good base to work with.

Final Tip: Tripods

A good tripod is worth its weight in gold, especially if that tripod is lightweight. You’ll need a sturdy tripod to capture outdoor shots, but you can also capture time-lapse shots to show the sun rising or the movement of the moon across the frame. If you can afford to, it’s also a good idea to get a remote shutter release. The purpose of a tripod is to reduce camera shake and provide stable ground for your photo. Touching the shutter release button yourself creates just a hair of movement, which might throw a photo off if your exposure time is increased much farther than .05 seconds.

About the Author: Phin Uphamis an investor at a family office/ hedgefund, where he focuses on special situation illiquid investing. Before this position, Phin Upham was working at Morgan Stanley in the Media and Telecom group. You may contact Phin on his Phin Upham website or Twitter page.