Tips for Organizing a Small Office Space

When a small business is in transition, business owners often resort to temporary office space to run daily tasks. Sharing office space often means that things will be a little bit tighter than normal, and your workers may feel like they are battling throughout the day for boundaries and privacy. In order to promote organization and reduce clutter, there are a number of ways you can creatively save space in your office. Any square inch free of disorder will make the area feel more of a peaceful office space for rent.

Go Virtual

Everything, including files and phone numbers, is stored on your computer. Now with the emergence of cloud technology, there is even less of a reason to have a bulky hard drive. The truth is, there really is no reason for anything more than a desk that offers a space to place your computer, a few drawers to hold important files and pens, and a chair. Physical documents are necessary in some cases, and at least convenient in others. Perhaps a one page checklist for monthly tasks may be useful. Some people organize their thoughts much better with a pen and paper, rather than on a mobile device.

Save the Trees

However, any way you can store information on a hard drive, the better. Environmentalist groups have touted their horns about paper consumption for decades. Now big data industries have created a way for us to implement conversationalist values with increased storage capabilities. Some companies even allow for a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy for laptops, tablets and other mobile devices.


IKEA is so amazing for small office space solutions, it gets its own subheading. To start off, take a look at their wall shelving. IKEA may have a funny reputation for delivering their furniture in pieces, but for a business owner on a budget for space as much as their wallet, IKEA has to be the best place to start.

Shelving  and Vertical Space

The “Lack” shelf is the most economical choice, but IKEA also provides stylist wall hangings and hooks for shelving. IKEA also sells cable management accessories to neatly organize long cords. The “Expedit” shelving unit maximizes the use of vertical space, essentially creating a grid of bookcase along your wall. The” Vittsjo” offers contemporary wire shelving to compliment any decor in your small office space. Most items are anywhere from $600 to $200 with a few exceptions. IKEA is incredibly cheap for any business owner in a hurry to furnish a transitional office space. IKEA entertainment center shelving can be used like an arbor over desk space when drilling into the wall isn’t an option.


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