San Juan Island: The next great vacation destination

Blog provided by San Juan PM

Are you looking for a great spot to spend a vacation weekend? If you live on the West Coast of the United States, you may not have to leave the country to experience breathtaking nature trails, majestic wildlife, and rich art and culture. San Juan Island, Washington State has many moments of adventure waiting for you and your family to discover.

San Juan Island is most well known for its thriving population of magnificent orca whales. There are multiple whale-related activities you can do to admire the beauty of these majestic creatures. You can go whale watching on land by watching whales breach from the comfort of Lime Kiln Point State Park, or you can visit their usual swimming spots on a kayak tour. If you want a more in-depth exploration of these renowned creatures, you can also visit the Whale Museum in Friday Harbor. You’ll explore interactive exhibits with detailed scientific information about orca whales.

In addition to nature, you can visit sites like San Juan Islands Sculpture Park and the San Juan Islands Museum of Art if you’re an art lover. You can also experience rich local eateries such as Duck Soup and Backdoor Kitchen. If you have an interest in history, you can also learn more about the Pig War by visiting the preserved American and English army camps at the San Juan Island Natural Historical Park.

All of these experiences are available to you on your next trip to San Juan Island. Be sure you have a good, comfortable vacation home rental to stay in after your daily activities. Visit San Juan PM for a variety of spacious, family-friendly rental options, including pet-friendly homes.