Repainting Steel Doors

Whether it’s an interior door or a front door, if you have a steel door in your home it is likely to need repainting over time. It might be because of chipping and scratches from dings and slams, or just fading that comes from usual wear and tear. Repainting your metal door can help it regain its luster but it’s also not as simple as you might think.

If your steel door has previously been painted, you likely won’t be able to simply apply a new coat of paint over it. That’s because paint on steel doors leaves the surface slick and creates adhesion problems. If you try to add a new coat of paint directly on the old coat, there’s a good chance the paint will run and smear.

To deal with this, you’ll need to create some adhesion for the new paint. Your first step is to check the door for any peeling and cracked paint and remove this. From there, you can use an oil-based primer or a rust-resistant latex to prime the surface.

After you’ve removed the old paint and applied a primer, you’ll want to use fine sandpaper to go over the entire door. This will create a rough surface that will better accept the new paint. You can use either an oil-based or latex enamel paint. The main reason that you want to select an enamel paint is that they are more resistant to wear and tear when applied to a metal surface than standard household paint.

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