Professional Genealogy Research

Researching your genealogy just got easier. Although the internet offers plenty of resources and online databases for researching your family history, not everyone has the time take on such a serious project.

If you’re curious about your ancestors but don’t have time to dig up the information, consider hiring a professional. That’s the idea behind ProGenealogists, a group of professional genealogists who focus on forensic, genealogical, and family history research. While they often assist media and government, the firm also helps ordinary people in several countries find valuable information about their family history. How? According to the website, they have professional family history experts who specialize “in all time periods and geographic areas of the United States.” Professional services offered through the company include ancestry research, probate research, missing heir research, and they can even help you create and publish a family history book.

If you don’t want to create book, another way to celebrate and share your family history is to create a website. When it comes to developing a website, you can choose to either design your own site or use one of the many family genealogy companies available online to upload your information. Choices include online directories, genealogy websites, and even Wikipedia. Here are a few examples: Winslow Family History, Smith Family Forum, Phineas Upham Family Genealogy, Henry Family, Turner, and Tilley Family History.