Mouse and keyword flexibility with usb ps2

Another challenge that upsets most new Mac and PC users is setting up a connection between their ps2 devices and their computer. It’s just not possible, unless you have a usb ps2 adapter. Now, it’s possible to hook up virtually any ps2 device to your computer by simply plugging it into the adapter and hooking it up via a usb port. This is extremely crucial especially if your laptop or notebook does not have a ps2 port and you have a ps2 mouse or keyboard that you’d like to use.

Meanwhile, if you’ve got several devices that make use of different kinds of ports, then you’ll definitely need a docking station. Each station has a host of serial, parallel, ethernet, ps2 and usb ports all available once you plug in it into your laptop or notebook’s existing usb port. There’ll be no need for you to buy separate adapters individually. The station allows you to hook your laptop or notebook to any of your devices at a moment’s notice and with minimal effort.

On the other hand, what if all you need is a usb port, which your laptop or notebook already has, but need to work from a distance, literally. Then what you need is a usb extension cable. It’s now available in 10-foot and 16-foot repeaters so you’ll be able to work your usb devices from a distance at no worries whatsoever. This is great for when working with mouse or keyboards at a distance during presentations, or when hooking up a digital camera at a set distance from your computer.