Is UbiFi’s Mobile Internet the Best Internet for Rural Gaming?

You may feel uncomfortable about moving to a rural community if you’ve always enjoyed the experience of playing online multiplayer games with friends and strangers. It has been well-documented that rural America has had its fair share of issues with Internet connectivity. Due to lacking infrastructure that cannot support many mainstream broadband Internet providers, rural gamers may be wondering how dial-up Internet providers and other rural Internet service providers can possibly support their favorite hobby.

Luckily, dial-up Internet providers do not have a monopoly on the Internet for rural areas. Options such as satellite Internet providers and mobile 4G Internet providers such as UbiFi also exist. These options are capable of high-speed performance as long as you have a good signal in your area of residence. However, there is a key factor that differentiates them.

Even the best satellite Internet service providers suffer from high levels of latency because of the nature of the technology they use. Satellite Internet uses signals transmitted from satellites in outer space to provide Internet signals. The delay created by this process results in high latency, which is not ideal for online multiplayer gaming since latency can create issues like lag and rubberbanding.

In contrast, mobile Internet service from UbiFi and its cohorts carries significantly lower latency because it uses cell towers to provide an Internet signal. This shorter delay ensures that you can enjoy even the most demanding online multiplayer games including first-person shooters.

Of course, you can only get the best possible experience if you are within the coverage area of UbiFi or any other Internet provider. Be sure to check if you are within the ideal range by contacting UbiFi representatives today.