How to Pack For a Beach Day

Winter is a great time to get bundled up in blankets and stay cozy indoors. Sipping hot cocoa and watching movies to escape the cold weather is not uncommon. However, once the snow starts to melt and the temperatures begin to rise, most people want to take advantage of the sunny, warm weather. What better way to celebrate the nice weather than with a trip to the beach?


A beach day is an excellent way to get some fresh air and soak up the sun with family and friends. Sitting on replacement cushions, hanging out in the sun, and eating fresh food sounds like a good time. That being said, planning one can be a nightmare. If you are interested taking a trip to the beach, continue reading for some ideas on how to make the trip as smooth and fun as possible.


Dress Appropriately


It should go without saying that there is a good chance that it will get hot at the beach. To make sure you leave the beach with fun memories and without any sunburns, you will want to dress appropriately. Pack sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, shorts, a T-shirt, sandals, and a jacket, just in case it gets windy or you want to set up a bonfire in the evening. Additionally, if you want to lay down while avoiding the hot sand, place a waterproof mat or cushion down, like the ones sold at The Foam Factory, and cover it with a towel for added comfort.


Use Sunscreen


Try to avoid darker colors, as black clothes tend to absorb the sun, ultimately warming your body up. Some kinds of sunscreen are even waterproof, so you should only need to apply it once before you get to the beach. A sunscreen that can block all UV rays does not currently exist, but look for one with an SPF of at least 30, as it will be able to block 97% of the rays.