How 3D Printed Contact Lenses Can Change Your Digital Life

Just a number of years ago the only kind of printing someone at home could do would be ink being transferred to a flat piece of paper. Being able to bring an object from a computer to a desk was only something people would dream about. 3D printing technology has brought the sophistication of manufacturing down to a smaller, more accessible scale. 3D printed contact lenses are currently in development that can handle electrical currents. The idea is to be able to give users a new way to comfortably incorporate technology into their daily lives.


While discount contact lenses are great for sharpening your vision, 3D printed contacts are being designed to take this enhancement a step further. Similar to how smart glasses in the past have attempted to give users a portable screen that is always ready for viewing, these 3D printed lenses are being designed with the ability to use them as a massive screen. Having a screen so close to your face would undoubtedly feel uncomfortable but these lenses are supposed to create the sensation of viewing a 240-inch screen from a distance of around 10ft away. This is to create a comfortable viewing experience that will not overwhelm your eyes.

Connected Devices

Rather than having the smart contact lenses more advanced than standard contacts work as standalone devices, the goal is to allow users to connect them to devices they already have. For instance, you can choose to mirror or supplement the content that you have on your phone, tablet, computer, or gaming device.