Glass Fencing Protects Privacy without Destroying Esthetics

Glass fencing is becoming popular among home owners mostly because of esthetics. These fences don’t clash with the surrounding area’s natural flora and instead, they enhance the beauty of the area. Unlike wood or brick fences, glass fencing doesn’t obstruct view. In Australia, glass industry generates $2 billion revenue annually.

There are many reasons for people to lean towards glass fencing. The wooden fencing is not durable and they destroy a lot of trees. Most home owners who think about the environment, like to have glass fences than wooden ones. Glass swimming pool fences are ideal for families who have kids. They can watch them even from far. Also, the glass fences installed in natural greenery can protect privacy without destroying esthetics.

Glass swimming pool fences have many advantages. They come in many colors and designs. Frosted glass swimming pool fencing can add a beautiful appearance to the area. Also, glass fencing can be mounted on concrete surfaces. They don’t get rust and they are easy to clean. If these fences are mounted in high wind areas, they can work as a barrier.

Dimension 1 Glass is a well established company in Sidney, Australia. The company’s designs and work ethics have made them a reliable business in the industry. Although the company is based in Sydney, it can deliver in any part of Australia. The company is owned by an experienced swimming pool builder and a carpenter. The employees are also skilled workers in the building industry. They understand their trade very well. In Sydney alone there are more than 500 glass fencing companies, but Dimension 1 Glass has been operating successfully because of its expertise in the field.

The company is specialized in pool fences in Sydney because of its location. Many homes in Sydney have backyard swimming pools and privacy is always a concern for home owners. Glass fencing has become popular because they provide privacy without obstructing views. Especially, if a home owner has a landscaped beautiful garden its view can be enjoyed from the pool if the pool is not fenced with brick or wooden walls. Dimension 1 Glass can create beautiful pool fences in Sydney homes for affordable prices.

Glass fencing can give a spacious look to small area. If a small area is covered with a brick or wooden wall, they can obstruct the light and the area can look dark and gloomy. Dimension 1 Glass can install affordable and beautiful glass pool fencing in Sydney homes. Its glass is tough and durable.

Another advantage of glass fencing is they can be installed to highlight the curves and various other shapes around a pool. Dimension 1 Glass experts know the right shape and quality for pool fencing. It is the best company for glass pool fencing in Sydney.
Guest Post provided by Dimension 1 Glass, which manufactures high quality glass fencing. The company is an expert in installing Glass swimming pool fences.