Cushion Replacement for Office Chairs

Your business needs comfortable well made office furniture but this can wear out quickly. That’s because it is used each day by various people. Your office furniture must take a lot of wear and tear throughout the week. Cushions can get lumpy. The foam breaks down and may even begin to smell bad.

Instead of replacing the whole chair, you can simply replace the cushions. This can make the life of your office furniture go further. It’s a simple fix and pretty inexpensive. Here’s how to get started.

Check cushions yearly. If they seem to have lost their resilience or have an odor, then replace them. Old, worn-out cushions can be a health hazard.

Measure the length, width and depth of the cushion. Make a note of whether the cover needs cleaning or replacing.

Once you know what you need, order your cushions online at the Foam Factory. This site sells all types of foam from memory foam to convoluted foam. They have every type to choose from and can cut the foam in any shape or size. Cushion replacement is easy and inexpensive.

This is a great way to freshen up your office furniture and give it new life. DIY projects for the home or office can save money and keep things looking and working just like new.

If you need help deciding what size and how many foam cushion inserts necessary, contact The Foam Factory. Our friendly customer service agents can help you complete your project successfully. We can answer your questions and help you get the job done right.