Address Whole-Body Comfort with Zoned Toppers and Mattresses

As the science of sleep continues to evolve, we learn more about how a mattress impacts our bodies and the kind of rest we get as a result. The concept of every person’s body having its own unique set of needs in terms of comfort and support is slowly becoming old news, as people realize different areas of the body have unique requirements as well. This new level of understanding is now being addressed with zoned foam mattresses and toppers. 

Zoned mattresses target different areas of the body with different levels of firmness and softness based on the pressure generated, giving the sleeper the best rest possible. This helps body alignment and sleeping posture. Many zoned sleep systems are made in foam pillow form like mattress toppers and soft mattress pads, but entire mattresses with blended firmness levels are entering the market as well.

The concept behind zone-comfort focuses on the different levels of pressure a body generates. On a completely flat surface, shoulders, hips, and heels will require more cushioning than low-pressure areas like necks and legs that can use increased support.  Zoned mattress toppers are made through computer controlled-compression cuts, where the sheet of foam passes through the machine under a custom-die, as a blade slices through. Zoned beds like a queen mattress are made of multiple blocks of foam adhered together, that go through the same compression process. If you have trouble getting your best sleep, comfort issues may be better targeted with a zoned mattress setup.