How to complain about a company online

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As a customer, you will do your best to get the greatest value for your money. However, there are times where customers are misled and left feeling cheated and dissatisfied. Complaining online can be a helpful way to let future customers know about a bad experience as well as let the company know that customers will not stand for a bad product or service.

The steps below can help customers complain online effectively.

Visit the company’s website – Company websites will include a direct number to a customer service representative. Reaching a customer service representative and explaining customer concerns can be the first step to a resolution. In some cases, the customer service representative will offer a few options that may include a refund. For those websites that do not include a customer service number, contact the company’s manager or CEO.

Write a review on a review website – Many private companies like, Yelp, and TripAdvisor have made it easy for customers to complain and get heard. Other government-managed websites which include BBB and Complaints Board can also offer some assistance.

Social media – Voicing an opinion on social media can often receive many comments and shares. It is a good idea to put as much detail into a post and include pictures for added effect.

Businesses understand that their online reputation is key to maintaining and growing their business and brand. Often if a review receives a lot of interest, businesses will reach out to the customer to rectify the problem.

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