The reason why young, healthy people need to get vaccinated

Article provide by Francis Dunn, Miami, FL

The American government is encouraging young healthy people over the age of 16 to get the covid-19 vaccine. Although most young people do not believe that they need to get vaccinated, taking the vaccine is known to limit the spread of the disease while reducing new variants and avoiding long-term complications following the disease.

Although the majority of severe covid-19 patients are older, younger patients can still face complications especially if they suffer from underlying health conditions, obesity, smoke, and drink regularly. Often young patients do not require hospitalization, but they can infect other family members who may be in a vulnerable group.

Researchers state that young covid-19 patients do not show any symptoms but suffer from long-term effects of the disease. Young patients have shown high levels of inflammation, with nerve, brain, and lung damage even after many months following recovery. Brain fog is also a known side effect and has been shown to impact a patient’s memories, recollection, and concentration.

More importantly, young people who have caught the virus can become reinfected in a matter of 7 months. Reinfection is also more common in young people, making it more important that they get vaccinated to boost their immune response. Once people receive their vaccine, they will be less likely to get the virus, making it less likely to pass on the disease.

Most people will have mild side effects from the vaccine, which may include tiredness, mild pain near the injection site, fever, and chills. These symptoms will subside or completely pass after 24-48 hours of receiving the vaccine.

  "Francis Dunn Miami Florida"
Francis Dunn Miami Florida

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