How Long Does the Average Mattress Last?

Though some bed manufacturers guarantee their mattress for 20 years, is it still safe to sleep on a mattress that old? In many cases, it isn’t. Due to the fact that people often sweat while sleeping, moisture can get into the mattress. People also shed skin cells. In families with small children, the mattress may occasionally get urine on it. No matter how much you try to clean your mattress, those stains get embedded into the fabric and foam. The only answer is mattress replacement.

How to tell if you need a new mattress

Some people can tell by the offensive odor. After years of sweating and losing skin cells, your mattress will begin to have a strange smell.  Dust mites and allergens will get embedded in the fabric. If your allergies seem to be getting worse, then this could be a sign you need a new mattress. There are a few other ways you can tell. How do you feel when you wake up each morning? Do you feel rested? Or do you still feel tired and lethargic. Does your back hurt? These are all signs that your mattress is worn out.

Mattress replacement

As we age, we all put on a little weight. That extra weight worsens the wear and tear on your mattress. If you sleep with a significant other, their movements may wake you up at night. All this adds up to a less-than-perfect sleep experience. And mattress replacement isn’t that expensive.

By simply purchasing a new mattress, you’ll suddenly began sleeping soundly and throughout the night. You won’t be getting up and down as much. You’ll feel rested and alert.