Trouble with Your Periodontist? An Attorney Can Help

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Periodontal disease is no joke. This is a very serious health problem that millions suffer with and it can be difficult or even impossible to get total healing. As patients realize the need to see a periodontist, they may also find that this gum disease often causes tooth loss. But there is help even though treatment may be costly and painful.

How it begins

Periodontal disease begins because of bacteria in the mouth. Most people will notice swollen gums and bad breath in the beginning. The first stage is called gingivitis. If you have these symptoms, then see a dentist right away and get on a plan to stop this from spreading and becoming periodontal disease.

If you need dental implants, braces or partial dentures, it’s very important for the dentist to know and be aware of any treatments you’re on. That’s because your teeth are weaker with this gum disease. They are more prone to get loose or come out.

There have been cases where a dentist did not notice periodontal disease before moving forward with procedures like dental implants and braces. The result in most cases was very grim for the patient. They eventually lost numerous teeth and never did get that gorgeous smile they were wanting.

If you’ve had similar experiences with a periodontist, an attorney may be able to help. There have been many cases where a dental malpractice attorney was able to help the patient recover damages. Repairing these issues can be expensive and the patient who has been through all this should not have to pay those bills themselves.

If you or someone you know has been affected by misdiagnosis of periodontal disease, it is best to contact reputable periodontist and attorney right away.