Getting the right kind of sofa cushions for support

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

Are your sofa cushions becoming flat and lumpy? Don’t wait for a better time to replace them. Sofa cushions should provide adequate lumbar support to avoid pain and injuries to the muscles and vertebrae of the lower back. To ensure your comfort and the health of your lower back, make sure you have sofa cushions that strike the right balance between soft and firm.

Cushions that provide the right amount of support can improve circulation and digestion, as compression on the lower body can hinder the movement of food and nutrients. It’s important to have cushions that will support our lower body and keep our spine’s natural S-shape, but we all have different body types. Some of us may need firmer cushion filling than others. Luckily, there are different types of foam filling with varying degrees of firmness you can buy from manufacturers such as The Foam Factory. If you prefer foam with a medium level of firmness, you can buy HD36 Foam or Poly Foam. If you want something firmer, you can buy Lux Foam. As long as your tailbone feels relaxed and you’re not tempted to slouch, you should feel free to use the cushion filling that works for you.

The Foam Factory is dedicated to working with customers to find the right foam products for all of their needs. They can create foam cushions with custom shapes based on your specifications. Contact them today for more details at or by phone at 587-627-3626.