Complete Abundance That Lasts

Many people are searching for ways to create abundance in their lives. And yet we often search in all the wrong places. We believe that abundance is all about material possessions. Many have homes, cars and large bank accounts. And yet they don’t have happiness. That is the dilemma that people face these days. They believe they will find joy and contentment in owning more things.

What is abundance?

As we look at what true abundance is, we find that it has very little to do with material possessions. It’s possible to be happy without owning an expensive automobile. Though it is nice to have a beautiful home, we find people living in wood frame farm houses who are completely content. We find people living in all sorts of homes and driving older automobiles, but their lives are filled with abundance. That leaves us to consider the possibility that abundance has nothing to do with how m many material possessions we own.

True abundance can be created in the heart and mind of the individual. Try these exercises.

Find a quiet place. Close your eyes. Take several deep breaths. Think about the times in your life when you were most joyful. Focus on those feelings of joy, love and peace.

Drive to a rural area. Take a walk down a country road. Inhale the fresh air. Look around at the trees, birds, flowers and plants. Be thankful for what you have and who you are.

Take time each day to be grateful for what you have.                   

Create Abundance 创造丰盛 is a collection of Teacher Zhang Xinyue’s words of wisdom concerning body-mind-spirit cultivation. Written in simple and easy to understand language, the book Create Abundance  hopes to touch the very soul of the reader. The great spiritualist leader, Teacher Zhang Xinyue, was born and grew up in China. Zhang Xinyue is mostly known for being an internationally renowned body-mind-spirit tutor, a spiritual therapist, and the founder of Abundance Psychology.