Can You Repair Old Sofa Cushions?

Sofa cushions get worn out eventually. They lose their shape and start to look bad. Usually, most families will simply replace their furniture once this happens. You may have wondered if you can repair sofa cushions and extend the life of your furniture. In most cases, the answer is yes. All it takes is new foam rubber and new coverings for each cushion.

Write down how many new sofa cushions will be needed. Measure the length, width and thickness of each cushion. The Foam Factory has every type of foam rubber and they can cut your new sofa cushions to any size. If the cushions are in an unusual shape, that’s not a problem. Draw a picture of the cushion, marking the dimensions.

Cushion covers are so easy to make. You’ll find some good videos to show you exactly how to do this. If you aren’t good with sewing, then check around your neighborhood for a seamstress. Apps that connect neighbors in a community are great for this.

Usually, people buy all new furniture once the cushions go bad. But this is not necessary. The longer you can keep your old furniture, the better it will be for the environment. Recycling can be done with many items like furniture. It’s inexpensive and you’ll have furniture that you’ve created yourself.

If you need help deciding what size or type of sofa cushions to get, contact The Foam Factory. Our friendly customer service agents can assist you by answering questions and helping you find exactly what you need.